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Passive Income

Passive Income

Passive Income

Now, join Passive Income ( website for all your A – Z Passive Income Information on Passive Income Programs and Bitcoin Income Systems. Here, we will firstly look at what is Passive Income? Second, we will look at how to generate Passive Income? Third, we will examine how to make money online? Fourth, we will see how to work from home? Furthermore, we will examine what are the best and the most recommended Passive Income Models? Are they trustworthy or are they Scam? How to tell the difference between a scam website and a genuine Online Cash System? What are the income potentials from using these Passive Income Programs? We will attempt to answer all these questions so that you can earn while you sleep. Therefore, we will review new and upcoming investment programs and make honest and unbiased opinions based on our personal experience.

Passive Income Information

The purpose of this site is to provide Passive Income Ideas, thus allowing you to make more informed decision. Therefore, we only review and supply information on different Passive Income Streams, Bitcoin Income Programs and Cryptocurrency Income Systems that we honestly believe are genuine and trustworthy. Furthermore, we are affiliated with some of these programs we review and recommend. If you signup via our affiliate links, we will earn commission from these third party links. The affiliate commissions we earn helps us to operate this site and to bring you new and upcoming unbiased market information for your investment decisions. However, we strongly encourage you to use your own due diligence when making and investment decisions as every invest can carry some degree of risk. Thus we further recommend you to read the investment 101 rules.

Indirect Income Strategies

In comparison to other Passive Income websites, the motivation behind this site is to inform and make you aware of all the aspects related to Indirect Income Strategies. Thereby, allowing you to become more confident in all important investment decisions. We aim to benefit you with all inclusive Passive Income Information provided herein. If you find this information useful, please support this site by using our affiliate links, that is, should use wish to join any of the companies mentioned here, use our affiliate links. By using our affiliate links will ensure we earn Passive Commission, which goes towards constant development of this Passive Income website.

What is Passive Income?

Well, Passive Income is the money people earn indirectly without physically being involved in or doing any hard work. It is also the money earned while people are sleeping. Ultimately, it is the income generated with very little or without any physical involvement. Therefore, we will look at, examine and review on new and upcoming Passive Income Models, Bitcoin Cash Systems, Cryptocurrency Money Generators and other Passive Income Funnels. This should allow us to generate regular Passive Income with very minimum tasks involved. Lastly, you can watch the video displayed below to understand more on what Passive Income is and how it works?

Investment 101 Rules

Research – study multiple source of information regard your choice of investment before you decide to invest as you cannot rely on a single piece of data.

Finance – never use your mortgage, rent, utility or food money for investment as all investments are risky and carry some degree of uncertainty. Therefore, your capital maybe at risk.

Diversification – always invest your money in multiple source of projects and spread your investment in such as a way that if one of your investment fails you are not left out of pock. The golden rule is, never put all your glass in one basket.

Withdrawal – make sure to withdraw your returns regularly as this will demonstrate the liquidity of your investment. Now, if you intend to compound, you can do this after withdrawal.

Communication – always try to contact the support team before investment as this will help you to identify if the company you are going to invest in are responsive to your questions and this way you will be able to identify if they are suitable for you.

Passive Income Formula

The Passive Income Formula we use is very simple and has been around for a very long time. Therefore, it is proven to work as it’s been tried and tested. We use the above mentioned investment 101 rules to make our invest decisions.

The success of online Passive Income strategies is through using efficient payment processors. The payment processors we use and recommend are fast, secure, efficient and reliable. The payment processors are core to our investment formula. It is important because, through these processors we fund our projects. Furthermore, it is through these processors that we withdraw money when we make profit.

Passive Income Formula

Second, we diversify our investment portfolio through different projects and industries. This diversification strategy is very important in reducing risks associated with online investments.

Finally, we withdraw our profits regularly to invest in other projects or move money to projects that are paying higher returns. This process also helps us to test out investment projects and check it liquidity.

Portfolio Diversification

A well diversified portfolio is an investment account made out of well balanced and well mixed investment projects. The projects should include investments from different industries. The reason for this type of diversification is to reduce risks associated with investments. Therefore, a well diversified portfolio is a risk management strategy to minimise loss where there is uncertainty. Every investment decisions carry some degree of uncertainty and risk. This can never be totally eliminated. Thus, having a diversified portfolio creates some kind of guard against uncertain risks.

Passive Income Streams

The volatile nature of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies make it highly profitable if exploited in the ways. Therefore, if investment projects is conducted in some association with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, we can make a lot of profits. However, due to high volatility, the risk and return relationship is also high. To guard again the uncertain risks, we adopt the strategy of portfolio diversification and invest in products, services, programs and systems that are safe, secure and trustworthy. Thus, generating stable Passive Income Streams well into our retirement.

Here, we only promote Passive Income products, services, programs and investment systems which are going to give us high yield returns over long term period starting from today. Furthermore, our investment projects involves using different payment processors. So, using safe and secure payment processors we implement investment strategies in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining, Coin Exchanges and Passive Income Programs and Systems.

Passive Income Programs and Systems

Passive Income Programs and Systems are a  great way to earn money online. The advantage of these systems is that they allow investors to regularly compound their returns daily. Thus, compounding your returns daily allows you to multiply your investment in a very short period of time. To find out more about Passive Bitcoin Income Programs and Systems, please go to Program.

Top Two Passive Income Programs

USI TechUSI Tech International

This company prides in delivering a technology that you won’t find anywhere else. They enable small investors to finally get involved in the Forex and Bitcoin markets and have real success. Through the development of their automated trading software, they consistently deliver profits. To find out more about this company and register, please go to the official USI Tech website.

BitClub NetworkBitClub Network

Basically, BitClub Network is a Bitcoin mining company. This company requires you to become a member before you can earn with them. Typically, you can earn daily profits from their shared mining pools. Furthermore, they also have a referral program so you can get paid for anyone you signup to BitClub Network. The way this works is you have to purchase mining shares in any of their pools and they purchase hardware mining equipment and pay you daily ROI based on the pool you are contracted to. You can buy Bitcoin mining shares for $500, $1,000, or $2,000 worth of Bitcoin. Alternatively,  you can buy shares in their new GPU mining pool for $1,000 and $5,000 worth of Bitcoin. All purchases go toward buying mining equipment and you have a choice to take possession of the hardware, or allow BitClub Network to run the equipment for you in their mining pools. Now, to find out more about this company and register, please go to the official BitClub Network website.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency Mining is a great way to earn Passive Income. However, the cost associated with running and maintaining the mining operations and equipment for private individuals is very expensive. Therefore, most people are now opting for Cloud Mining. What is Cloud Mining? Well, Cloud Mining is when mining companies sell mining contracts, also known as hashing power, to the general public for a fee. So, in return for purchasing these contracts, investors earn Passive Income until the contracts expire. To find out more about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining, please go to Mining.

Top Two Cloud Mining Firms

Genesis MiningGenesis Mining

The Genesis Mining Company is one of the the largest cloud mining company on the market. You can start Mining Bitcoin through the Genesis Mining starting today, use code: VpN7Ln to get 3% discount on your contracts. To find out more about this company and register, please go to the official Genesis Mining website.

Cryptomining FarmCryptomining Farm

The Cryptomining Farm is a cloud mining company based in Thailand. They offer investment opportunities for people to utilise high quality Cryptocurrency mining with guaranteed daily profits. Here, when you buy your cloud mining contracts you have to pay in Bitcoins. Plus, when they pay you, they pay in Bitcoins. To find out more about this company and register, please go to the official Cryptomining Farm website.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms are the market place to buy and sell Bitcoins and all the other Alternative Cryptocurrencies (Altcoins). This is a great way to generate Income Online. The way it works is, after ICO, the tokens get released onto the Cryptocurrency Exchange Market. In the open market, the tokens become coins and are traded with real monetary value. The trades buy low and sell high and by doing this they profit the difference. To find out more about all these Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms, please go to Exchange.

Top Two Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms


Basically, KuCoin is a Cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong. This platform operates on a crypto-to-crypto basis. Therefore, no fiat currencies are supported. Plus, this exchange has it’s own coin called, “KuCoin”. Thus, as an investor, you can trade it or hold it for the long term. Furthermoe, KuCoin doesn’t support margin trading and has not said whether there is any minimum investment involved. This exchange charges trading fee (0.1%) and withdrawal fee (0.0005 BTC), while Crypto deposits are free. To learn more about this company and register, please go to the official KuCoin website.


The Binance platform is a new Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with focus on the Asian market and Asian coins. However, you will find all the other major international Cryptocurrencies listed there. Typically, it supports English and Chinese language. Binance has it’s own coin, the Binance token (BNB) was created during the ICO to fund the Binance Exchange Project. To find out more about this company and register, please go to the official Binance website.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs )

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a great way for new startups and established companies to raise funds for their projects. Now, ICOs are tokens, similar like company shares. These tokens is sold cheap during the ICO stage. Afterwards, when these tokens get released onto the Coins Market, the tokens become coins. As people trade the coins in the open market, it pushes up the price. Generally, people can earn a lot of money very quickly in this way. Furthermore, you do not require much initial capital to participate in ICOs. To find out more about Initial Coin Offerings, please go to ICO.

Top Two Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

USI Tech Coin (UTC)USI Tech Coin

USI Tech Coin ICO is now officially launched. The token generating event was launched at their recently held October 28, 2017 live conference in London, UK. This company is going through new restructuring, such as building a new website, a new back office, global Bitcoin ATM project, approximately $70,000,000 GPU Mining Server Contracts for Ethereum and Altcoins, around $10,000,000 a month commitment for new mining equipment and upgrades. The Forex Trading Software is no longer available for sale to members. There are new compensation plans and reward bonuses for USI Tech Coin (UTC) referrals. Lastly, there is going to be new Customer Service Experience and Support and much more. The new information delivered at the USI Tech event was exactly what all affiliates and business developers wanted to hear. Now, out of all those details discussed, the USI Tech Coin seems to be of the most interest and to offer the highest returns. Now, to find out more about this ICO, please go to the official USI Tech website.

Start Price: $0.58    Start Date: 28/10/2017    Finish Date: Unknown    Rating: 5 


Now, to participate in the ICO, sign up on their website and follow the instructions depending on your chosen contribution method. You need to refer to their whitepaper for further details. Plus, to participate in their referral program, simply refer friends, family members and colleagues to FiCoin by sending them your personal referral code. Thus, once they sign up, they are on your referral list. Therefore, when your referrals acquire FiCoin you’ll get 10% of their contribution. Moreover, for every 10th referral that has acquired 100 FiCoins or above, you’ll get 100 FiCoins as an extra bonus. Importantly, the referral bonus is limited to 1 346 269 FiC. Afterwards, these coin is distributed, no referral bonus is assigned. Lastly, unlike most other similar projects, our minimum reinvestment amount is only 1$. To find out more about this company and register, please go to official FiCoin website.

Start Price: $1.00    Start Date: 13/12/207    Finish Date: Unknown    Rating: 4.9  

Payment Processors

Here, these are the Payment Processors we use and highly recommend to others. Now, Payment Processors are very important in order to deposit and withdraw funds for your investment projects. The Payment Processors for investment projects is like Oil for a Cars. Therefore, it’s very important to be able to deposit and withdraw very fast, secure and safely. The top two Payment Processors we use is Coinbase and Payza. Importantly, because they allow us to convert Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies into cash, such as Dollars, Pounds and Euros. To find out more about Payment Processors, please visit Processor. They also offer payment Visa Debit Cards. For further information, please read individual business Terms and Conditions. To find out more about all the recommended Bitcoin Payment Processors, please go to Payment.

Top Two Payment Processors


The Coinbase is a secure online payment system for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency, such as Bitcoin and Altcoins. To find out more about this company and to register, please go to the official Coinbase website.



Use Cryptopay to buy Bitcoins in the UK and Europe and transfer them internationally from your Bitcoin wallet without using a bank. Also, use the Cryptopay Debit Card to easily withdraw funds. Basically, Cryptopay is a blockchain enabled payment gateway providing Bitcoin wallets, prepaid cards and innovative merchant processing solutions. To find out more about this company, please go to the official Cryptopay website.

Passive Income Blog

Our Bitcoin Passive Income Blog is where we review on all the tried and tested Passive Investment Programs. The review is written and the opinions is given from first hand experience. This is so that you can be confident that these products, services, programs and systems are working and paying passive income daily. To find out more please visit our Passive Income Blog.

Passive Income Video

Now, watch our Passive Income Video and discover how to generate consistent Passive Income which will pay you daily into your retirement. The initial investment to get started is so small you cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

Start Earning Bitcoin Passive Income

Now, after reading through this Passive Income homepage, if you are still not sure where to start, the following information will help you. To find out more on how to earn Passive Income through Bitcoin, we recommend you read the beginners guide on how to earn Bitcoins. First, it is a very simple and easy to understand article on how to buy Bitcoins? Second, it explains how to invest your Bitcoins? Third, it demonstrates how to mine Bitcoins? Fourth, it tell us how to exchange Bitcoins for fiat money? Fifth, it explains how to grown and multiply your Bitcoins and many other answers. Furthermore, you should also watch the video on the young Bitcoin Millionaire. It will inspire you to succeed in earning Bitcoins.

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