BitClub Network Review | Top Passive Bitcoin Income Program

BitClub Network Review | Top Passive Bitcoin Income Program
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Right now, read this BitClub Network Review and find out how this Top Passive Bitcoin Income Program is generating regular income for investors.

BitClub Network Review

BitClub Network Review

BitClub Network Review

Basically, the BitClub Network is a Cryptocurrency mining company. Recently, this company is growing exponentially day by day dispersing throughout the continents. Today, their service is available in China, Japan, Dubai, Europe, Indonesia, Canada, South America & Central America, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Thus, it is now one of the top Passive Income Program to make money online working from home. To learn more about BitClub Network, read my BitClub Network Review and choose to be a part of the world’s largest Bitcoin mining network!

Bitclub Network’s History

Historically, on July 22nd, 2014, a group of professionals came together to establish one of the world’s most popular Bitcoin mining pools called the BitClub Network. Together, they built such a sophisticated network where investors can avail a renting opportunity to mine Bitcoins and Altcoins. Technically, mining alone can be immensely expensive and almost impossible for an individual, no doubt! By developing their very own software, BitClub Network offers an opportunity for the enthusiasts to rent mining for Cryptocurrency. If you are willing to invest money on BitClub Network, remember that you will receive a regular Return on Investment (ROI) on a daily basis for up to 1000 days per contract. Also, you will find report which shows that the transactions occurring in BitClub Network is one of the largest in the world. This is compared to their rival companies such as Genesis Mining and others. The mining pool is constantly being regulated by a team of experts.

What makes BitClub Network Special?

Generally, they do not charge any fees for mining because they have thousands of miners to support the system. Hence the pool is growing considerably fast. Here, you can deposit or withdraw money using the BitClub Network debit card. BitClub Network operates using STRATUM software. Furthermore, their clients can access mining hardware as well. Therefore, in BitClub Network, you can basically use a specific type of mining hardware that is based on the operations you make. They offer rewards and incentive for their clients who are willing to mine. BitCoin Network is a pyramid scheme where you can earn enormous profits only by referring people about it. Here people can buy and sell Cryptocurrencies or hold on to their investments to earn huge profits. Lastly, the BitClub Network regularly updates its tools, hardware and software.

Is BitClub Network worth your Trust?

Since a huge number of miners is connected with BitClub Network, the company is required to give a fair share of their earnings to the miners. Thus the company is always growing and fully functioning throughout. Moreover, with their affiliate referral policy, investors can earn money bringing new members to the scheme. The pyramid scheme lets the miners earn more Bitcoins. BitCoin Network’s mining operation is basically located in Iceland. This is due to the country’s low electricity cost and cold weather condition.

Is BitClub Network Expensive?

To join BitClub Network, all you have to do is invest money which ranges in between $500 to $2000 on average. Not to mention, your profit will depend on the amount of money you will invest. You can invest your money in three amounts. Firstly, share in pool number 1 will set you back $500. If you deposit $500, your profit will be 50% and the rest will be used for buying more mining shares. This way your contract never expires, it runs for ever. However, instead of 50% reinvest, if you so choose, you can reinvest 100% of your earning to buy more shares. The second pool will sent you back $1000. If you pay $1000, your profit will be 60% and the rest of the 40% will be used for reinvest. Finally, the third pool will set you back $2000. By investing $2000, you will get 70% profit and you will have to give 30% minimum for reinvestment.

How Profit is Shared?

At the end of a day, the total Bitcoins earned by the members of BitClub Network is divided among the members. A certain part of the profit is received by the members and the other part of the profit goes back into the company. Previously, the company received and sent invoices in Bitcoin (BTC). However, this has changed. Now, all payments is invoiced in Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and Clubcoin (CLUB). Besides mining, you can always earn money by introducing BitClub Network to as many people as you like! This is known as referral commission.


Overall, BitClub Network is legit in terms of their effective operational scheme and customer service. They have been in operation for well over 3 years and are paying consistently. If interested in earning money investing in Bitcoin pools without investing a hell of a lot in buying super computers, just go for BitClub Network. This is a totally done for you system. All you do is invest and watch your Bitcoin grow. You will not be disappointed joining this company.

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