Bitconnect Scam Review | How Bitconnect Operated to Scam Investor

Bitconnect Scam Review | How Bitconnect Operated to Scam Investor
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Right now, read this Bitconnect Scam Review and discover How Bitconnect Operated to Scam Investors out of Millions of US Dollars within short time.

Bitconnect Scam Review

Bitconnect Scam Review

Bitconnect Scam Review

In it’s early days Bitconnect was gathering lots of popularity on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Now, many of you maybe wondering about using Bitconnect. If yes, then this review is just for you. In this Bitconnect review, we will discuss in detail about Bitconnect and will try to find what whether Bitconnect is legit or just another Ponzi Scheme. So before investing in Bitconnect, don’t miss this article.

What is Bitconnect?

Bitconnect used to work through a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) System just like most of it’s peers, but the product was an intangible lending platform. In other words, it was a way for people to earn Passive Income by lending Bitconnect coins in exchange for Bitcoins. Also, MLM means that you will continue to earn commission from the revenues collected from the people you referred to the system. In the Bitconnect official website it is stated that it was registered on February 9 of 2017 which makes it a relatively new venture. Maybe due to this reason we could not collect many user reviews regarding Bitconnect.

ROI from Bitconnect System

The way their system worked was that you would earn a daily profit based on your investment in the Bitconnect network. The more money you invested, the bigger was your returns.

You could invest money in the form of either Bitcoin or in USD. Bitconnect offered four investment packages. First, 40% ROI on investments starting from $100-$100. This ROI was distributed for 299 days. Second, 40% ROI for 239 days for investment upto $5000. Bitconnect also offered 23.9% ROI. Third, 40% ROI on investments starting from $5010- $10,000 for a period of 179 days. This package included a bonus ROI of 35.9%. Finally, 40% ROI for 120 days on investments ranging from $10,010 – $100,000. The bonus offered in this package was 30%.

Like other Bitcoin brokers, Bitconnect also offered referral bonuses. This amount was base on how many people click and bought using your affiliate link.

Bitconnect Products

Bitconnect doesn’t have any physical products to sell in the first place. Bitconnect made money mainly through their affiliate programs from which you could have mde money using MLM mechanics. You would have made money when people come to your site and click on the affiliate link.

Fees and Charges

Joining Bitconnect was and still is completely free. But if you wanted to make the most out of their referral and MLM facilities (which nolonger exist) then the packages started from minimum $100. There were no hidden charges or service fees involved.


Now it’s time to declare the final verdict. Bitconnect is a relatively new thing which used to let you earn through MLM tactics. In our research we found that their business was a total scam and we haven’t received any information to suggest that this company will survive in the long run. But still, just like any other passive income strategies Bitconnect is a highly risky company. My advice would be to stay away from this company and any of it’s products. There are just too many negative issues surrounding this company. Specially, with regards to their affiliate promotion tactics, their payout structure, the law suits and many others.

The Official Website

This article is a scam review on Bitconnect. Now, to find out more about this company and visit the official Bitconnect website, please use this link here or the button displayed below.

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Here, this is the Bitconnect Scam Review. Now, to find out more about real Passive Income Systems, please go to Passive Income homepage using this link here.

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