BitPay Review | Global Bitcoin Payment Service | Online Wallet

BitPay Review | Global Bitcoin Payment Service | Online Wallet
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Right now, quickly read the BitPay Review and discover this Global Bitcoin Payment Service to store and spend your Bitcoins using safe Online Wallet.

BitPay Review

BitPay Review

BitPay Review

In the age of Cryptocurrencies there is no shortages of Cryptocurrency based services. The demand of these services are rising inline with the currencies themselves. Many types of services are offered, which includes cloud based wallets, mining farms, payment solutions and many more. Today, we will be talking about a Bitcoin based payment solution called BitPay. Now, in this BitPay Review we will take an in-depth look at the services and the overall reliability of the BitPay service. So, without delaying a minute, let’s dive into it.

What is BitPay?

Basically, BitPay is a Bitcoin based payment service solution which started it’s business back in the year 2011. BitPay let’s the users accept payments in Bitcoin. And after receiving the Bitcoins, it allows you to make deposits back into your bank account. BitPay was created in the hopes of creating a bridge between Bitcoin and fiat based payment services. Today, BitPay is one of the largest Bitcoin payment solution who operates in over 38 countries all around the world. This vast network makes BitPay reliable and efficient than most of it’s competitors.

BitPay can deposit in almost all the major currencies, which includes the US Dollar, Euro, Great Britain Pound and Canadian dollars. BitPay aims to facilitate the application of Bitcoin so that it can be used and accepted just like the major currencies. BitPay enables the sellers to accept payments through Bitcoins so that people can use Bitcoin to buy and sell things online just like they do with their conventional currencies. BitPay is here to revolutionise the way online payments are made. BitPay services are suitable for online businesses of all sizes. The small businesses can avail their services at a reasonable cost and with a premium they also offer premium services to bigger businesses.

How does BitPay Work?

Today, Bitpay is a Bitcoin based payment solution which enables the sellers to accept Bitcoin as payment and deposit directly into their respective bank accounts. Therefore, BitPay can be used to sell anything in the internet. Also, BitPay is more affordable than the credit cards and other wallet based services. Usually, charge for credit card is 3% on an average per transaction, meanwhile BitPay will charge you a meagre 1% per transaction. You can operate BitPay from your PC or a smartphone app. It accepts payment from all over the world and does not require any special permission to authorise the payments received from overseas buyers. This feature makes BitPay a really convenient option for sellers who have a significant portion of overseas buyers.

Now, there will be no need to issue banker’s acceptance or LC. They just need to tell their buyers to pay through BitPay. BitPay is really secure and it also has the feature to customise the safety feature which let’s the users to tailor the safety features according to their needs. Also, for added protection BitPay has two- step verification and Google authentication. BitPay not only accepts payment in Bitcoin but it also accepts payment in 8 other major currencies. This means, users who don’t have a Bitcoin wallet can still pay through Bitcoin.

Advantages of BitPay

  • Provides confidentiality for your information and transactions.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Flexibility of payment option by accepting payments in real currency
  • Option to deposit directly to bank account
  • Encryption enabled
  • Supports more than 40 languages
  • Browser plugins
  • Prompt mobile and email notification
  • Customizable safety features
  • Cart based checkout
  • POS support
  • Borderless payment

Disadvantages of BitPay

  • Card looks cheap
  • You bank will charge a fee for cash withdrawals
  • Operates on the Visa payment system


In the end it will be safe to conclude that BitPay is by far the best and most secure Bitcoin based payment solution in the market. BitPay services provide solutions for a lot of international trade related services. Definitely BitPay is worth trying.

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