Bitpetite Scam Review | How Bitpetite Scammed Investors in 2017

Bitpetite Scam Review | How Bitpetite Scammed Investors in 2017
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Right now, read this Bitpetite Scam Review and discover How Bitpetite Scammed Investors in 2017, running away with over $10,000,000 in Bitcoins.

Bitpetite Scam Review

Bitpetite Scam Review

Bitpetite Scam Review

Bitcoin is getting popularity day by day due to it’s rapid rise in value. Keeping pace with the Cryptocurrency itself the trading platform and bots are also gaining momentum. In today’s article we will review Bitpetite Scam. In this Bitpetite Scam  Review we will discuss the good and bad things about Bitpetite. Our main focus will be to find out whether it was a scam or legit. We will also take profitability and other issues into consideration. Let’s begin.

What was Bitpetite?

Now, before knowing what Bitpetite was we need to clarify what exactly is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency. In layman’s term it is currency virtual in nature which means it doesn’t have physical features. Cryptocurrencies are not issued by any central banks. It is minted and distributed to Bitcoin miners through a process called ‘mining’, in which miners solve equations and get Bitcoins in return. It’s main feature is confidentiality. This means you can make any transaction without leaving any traces. Bitcoin’s value is increasing at an exponential rate which is making it a lucrative source of investment for many. Due to this popularity many trading and bot companies are emerging. Bitpetite was one of those companies. Bitpetite let you invest your Bitcoins and helped you earn more through using your funds. Moreover, Bitpetite worked more like a bank which will give you interest upon your savings. The difference was that the promised return was way more than what the conventional banks offer. Bitpetite promised 4% ROI overall and during the weekends they offered 1%.

How it worked?

Just as usual, at first you had to create an account with them. Once registered you could use the dashboard to manage your profile. They had an investment proposal section which recommended you suitable investment offers. There was no limit on the amount which you could invest in Bitpetite. The more you invested the more your return was. At the time it seemed like a perfect Passive Income Model. Many people used VPN to access Bitpetite as their primary motive was not to get tracked.

The Goods

The best thing I found about Bitpetite was that these guys do their very best to maintain confidentiality. Freedom was provided to invest and withdraw any amount at any amount. The next best thing was the ROI, which was better than any other systems in the market. Bitpetite also offered affiliate and referral commissions too.

The Bads

The biggest downside to Bitpetite was that it was way too risky. Actually, all other trading systems are more or less risky. But the whole Bitcoin trading/investing in general is riskier than any other investment scheme. This thing is mainly due to the volatility of Bitcoin itself.

The Verdict

Upon our research into Bitpetite, it is safe to conclude that Bitpetite was an illegal scam. This scam tempted investors with high returns and easy access to their funds. Thereafter, they waited for investors to gain confidence in the system to invest and re-invest more and more. Once the investors’ funds at Bitpetite reached over $10 million, the scammers pulled their plug. Now, if you try to visit Bitpetite website, it is no longer there.

Official Bitpetite Website

This article is a Bitpetite Scam Review. Now, to find out more about this company and visit their scam website you could click this link here,  or use the button displayed below. But not anymore, this is because their site is shutdown.

Bitpetite Visit Official Website


This article is a review on the Bitpetite Scam. Now, to visit the homepage of genuine Passive Income you can use this link here.

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