Blockchain Review | Free Blockchain Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Wallet

Blockchain Review | Free Blockchain Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Wallet
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Read Blockchain Review and discover how to benefit from this Free Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Wallet available to send, receive and store Bitcoins safely.

Blockchain Review

Blockchain Review

Blockchain Review

With the constant rise in popularity of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies the world is also witnessing the rise of many Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency based services. There are mining farms, trading exchange and many more services. But where do you store your mined and traded coins. To do this you will need a Cryptocurrency Wallet. Cryptocurrency Wallets are used to store, send and receive Cryptocurrencies. In today’s Blockchain Review we will focus on such a Bitcoin Wallet named Blockchain. We will learn about its history, its inception, how does it work and all the necessary things. So, without wasting any more of your important time, let’s begin

What is Blockchain?

Typically, Blockchain claims to be the most popular and widely used Bitcoin Wallet in the whole world. Blockchain can be used to store Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ether. Notably, Blockchain as a company is based in Luxembourg and was registered in 2011. Also, Blockchain is known for it’s unmatched security. Currently the company has more than 15 million users in over 140 countries all over the world. Now, due to ease of use of it’s user interface, Blockchain managed to attract both new and expert users.

How to Access Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain is a web based digital wallet which can be accessed from a computer or iOS and android devices. After registering you can easily make your transactions without any hassle from their easy to use interface. They also have a feature called Security Center. This feature lets you adjust the security parameters, backup and secure your account and protect your account from intruders. Blockchain has partnerships with all the major cryptocurrency exchanges. This makes buying and selling Cryptocurrencies really easy and hassle free. Blockchain is a flexible digital wallet when compared with all it’s competitors. It lets you adjust the transaction fees according to your needs. This feature makes Blockchain a very economical option.

Is Blockchain Wallet Free?

Basically, you don’t need to pay anything in order to join Blockchain. Thus, Blockchain account can be opened for free. But you will be charged a nominal transaction fee which will be based on the volume of your transaction and network activity. Also, you can customize the transaction fees. Unlike other Cryptocurrency based digital wallets, Blockchain only supports three Cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ether. This should not be problem as these three are the most popular Cryptocurrencies at the moment.

How does it work?

Firstly, you will need to visit Blockchain’s official site to register for a free Blockchain digital wallet. Then the process is quite simple. You will need to put your personal details and choose your preferred currency and you are good to roll. You can transfer your Cryptocurrencies from your other wallets (In case you have another one). If you do not have any Cryptocurrency then first you need to buy it from an exchange and transfer the coins into your Blockchain Wallet. Be sure that you are making Bitcoin – Bitcoin and Ether – Ether transaction, otherwise your coins may be lost permanently.

When it comes to security, Blockchain is unparalleled. It has three levels of security. In the first level yo have e-mail verification and password protection. The second layer features 2 Factor Authentication and phone integration. Finally, the third level blocks tor requests which can prove to be lethal for your investment.


The advantages are as follows. Firstly, the Blockchain Wallet is a user friendly interface. Secondly, it has extreme level security for your money and personal information. Thirdly, the account balance can be shown in local currency. Fourthly, it is a Luxembourg based company, so your information will always be confidential. Fifthly, the wallet can be run from both PC and smartphones. Finally, it allows buying and selling of Cryptocurrencies directly from your wallet.


The disadvantages are as follows. Firstly, no matter how strong the security is online wallets will always be prone to hacking. Secondly, the identity verification may take long time to process. Thirdly, it supports only three Cryptocurrencies. Finally, the fiat currency transactions is not supported by this wallet.


Here, our research reveals Blockchain Wallet to be the most widely used and trusted cloud wallet over all it’s competitors. Now, apart from some minor drawbacks there isn’t any major pitfalls or security concerns. So, those of you who are looking for an affordable and trusted Cryptocurrency wallet should definitely try Blockchain.

Visit Official Blockchain Wallet Website

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