CCG Mining Review | Cryptocurrency Mining | Open Ended Contract

CCG Mining Review | Cryptocurrency Mining | Open Ended Contract
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Right now, read this CCG Mining Review and find out how to generate Passive Income from this Cryptocurrency Mining company using Open Ended Contracts.

 CCG Mining Review

CCG Mining Review

CCG Mining Review

Today, with the constant boom of the Cryptocurrency industry there have been a rise in many Cryptocurrency based services. Everyone is trying their best to grab a piece of this juicy pie called, Cryptocurrency. Currently, there is huge growth and popularity in Cryptocurrency mining farms. These farms allow their users to mine Cryptocoins without the need to invest in expensive mining devices. In this CCG Mining Review, I will explore everything you need to know about CCG Mining. Everything starting from it’s history, pricing, customer support to whether it’s actually worth your time, energy or money. So, without further delay let’s begin.

What is CCG Mining?

Originally, CCG Mining was founded in 2016 during the boom of Cryptocurrencies around the world. The website claims that CCG Mining has more than 10000 private clients and 135 business clients. Their principle goal is to get mining accessible to people all over the world. Their aim is to become the biggest Hashpower provider in all of Europe.  Therefore, they are planning to do this through achieving maximum client satisfaction. They claim that they always put their client’s need on top of the priority list.

CCG Mining Location

This company is based in Poland and have a representative office in England. Furthermore, I have found that they are currently operating in 5 different countries which include Poland, Russia, Latvia, Great Britain and Czech Republic. CCG Mining has two data centers located at locations which have the optimum amount of cold and humidity.  These mining centers heat up quite drastically. So, in order to keep their temperature at a tolerable level most of the mining farms place their mining devices in colder regions. This provides maximum effectiveness and profitability for mining Cryptocoins. CCG Mining supports the mining of almost all the main Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Zcoin and many more.

How does it work?

CCG Mining works just like other mining farms. The clients will use CCG Mining’s Hashpower to mine coins for themselves instead of buying an expensive kit themselves. This saves a lot of money of the client’s and also enables moderate traders to mine bitcoins. One feature is unique of CCG mining is that it has two business models one is a business to business model and the other is the business to consumer model. This feature makes CCG Mining attractive to both smaller and larger institutional investors.

Alongside the usual mining a user can also earn through CCG Mining’s affiliate program. In this program every time a new user registers using your reference you will get a commission of up to 6%. This payment will be given to you through Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies. CCG Mining have many modes of contracts. One is the mining rig contracts the other is the cloud mining contracts. There are also some advanced packages for veteran traders.


There are so many pros to CCG Mining. Firstly, they have stable Hashpower, through which, they are able to offer stable mining. Secondly, they have flexible payout and deposit options. Thirdly, they have 24/7 dedicated customer service for user satisfaction. Fourthly, their mining contracts are affordable and cost effective, as they offer fixed and open ended contracts. This is good for both new and experienced miners. Fifthly, their products cater to both private and business clients. Finally, CCG Mining can be used to mine almost all the major Cryptocurrencies.


Here, I find that there is not a lot of cons in regards to CCG Mining. However, they do have some small issues that needs fixing. For example, they don’t have adequate information available on their official website about their different locations. The company is a UK registered company under the name, CCG INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, Company number 10453742. Registered office address: 85 Great Portland Street, 1st Floor, London, England, W1W 7LT. However, they are yet to file their first accounts. First accounts made up to 31 October 2017, due by 31 July 2018. This is something to check in the near future.


The offers made by CCG Mining look quite attractive. Multiple payout options, multiple currency support, great Hashpower and 24/7 customer support all looks very attractive. But there are some doubts regarding the security provided for your personal data and investment. This will definitely make some users cautious about CCG Mining. But you can try them out by trying one of their basic contracts to get to know them better. It’s worth a check.

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