Coinbase Review | Buy and Sell Digital Cryptocurrency | Best E-wallet

Coinbase Review | Buy and Sell Digital Cryptocurrency | Best E-wallet
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Right now, read this Coinbase Review and discover how to Buy and Sell Digital Cryptocurrency in a safe and secure way using the Best E-wallet today.

Coinbase Review

Coinbase Review

Coinbase Review

Bitcoin’s popularity is on an ever-increasing rise. More and more people are lured into buying and keeping Bitcoins as an investment with the hopes of increasing value. To capitalize on the fame and popularity of Bitcoin many trading platforms have opened. Today we are going to review a platform which lets you buy and sell Bitcoins. In today’s Coinbase review, we will talk about the pros and cons of the Coinbase service. We will also check whether it is safe to do business with them. Without further adieu lets begin!

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is a San Francisco based web- based digital wallet service specializing in sending and receiving bitcoins. It is doing business from 2012 which makes it a relatively new company. On its website Coinbase claims that it is one of the biggest cloud-based digital wallet service with many venture capitalists backing them up. It has affiliations with most of the major banks and has 617,000 consumer and 16,000 merchant accounts. Coinbase has mainly positive reviews. These positive reviews can be explained because it is a new company, therefore not many complaints against them. Better Business bureau rated them with a C rating.

How it works?

Now, joining Coinbase is absolutely free. In order to create a free account you must enter the website and type in the registration form with the necessary details and password and you are good to go. Upon your first login Coinbase site will welcome you with quickstart guide. It will tell you how to manage your profile and financial activities through Coinbase digital wallet. The interface and the mechanics works just like the other conventional cloud based or digital wallet systems. There is system of referral bonus or credit system too. If you invite your friends to Coinbase then you will receive $5 worth of credits in bitcoin. Now, let’s come to how to use their service. In order to deposit bitcoins in your Coinbase account you must add your bank or credit card details.

Coinbase Payment Structure

There are basically 2 levels in which you can buy and sell Bitcoins from your Coinbase account. Level 1 allows you to buy 10 and sell 50 Bitcoins per day. To avail level 1 service, you must verify your identity in the Coinbase account. Level 2 allows you to buy and sell 50 Bitcoin per day. This level activates when you have made your first Bitcoin purchase through Coinbase. There are two options of Bitcoin transactions. One is regular buys which takes four working days to process and the other is instant buys which processes your transaction within seconds. You can buy, sell, send and receive money through Coinbase. You can also make merchant payments through it.

Fees and Charges

Here, at Coinbase the Account opening process is free but transaction processing fee is 1% of the transaction value. However, Coinbase also owns GDAX (a Cryptocurrency exchange platform) and after you open an Account with Coinbase, you can use GDAX ( to send and receive money free.


Coinbase looks like a great cloud-based wallet service. The processing time is fast and convenient. The charges are also cost-effective. The best thing is that it is supported by most banks and merchants. It looks like a worthy investment opportunity and seems absolutely legit. You won’t regret opening an account with them.

Official Coinbase Website

Basically, this is an unbiased Coinbase review. Now, to find out more about this company, please click the link below to visit the official Coinbase website: Or, you can use the button displayed below to visit their official site.

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