Cryptopay Review | Online Bitcoin Wallet | Cryptocurrency Debit Card

Cryptopay Review | Online Bitcoin Wallet | Cryptocurrency Debit Card
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Right now, read this Cryptopay Review and discover this Online Bitcoin Wallet, which can be used as a Cryptocurrency Debit Card for all your shopping.

Cryptopay Review

Cryptopay Review

Cryptopay Review

Cryptopay is a virtual Bitcoin based wallet to make your transactions easier. And, it is one of the best wallet to deposit or withdraw Bitcoins without difficulty. Moreover, you can exchange Bitcoins using Cryptopay. This program mainly requires you to use Euros, Pounds, USD and Bitcoins.

Founded in October 2013 by a team of two Russian experts, Cryptopay gives the users a scope to use their Bitcoins wherever they wish. You can also transfer your Bitcoins to others or convert your Bitcoins into other Cryptocurrencies within a fraction of time.

Cryptopay has thousands of happy users and transacts more than 200, 000 Cryptocurrencies in a month. Most of the traffic on their website is caused by the visitors from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, Germany, France and Brazil. Here, 40% of the users are from the above mentioned countries. Cryptopay is by far the most popular program on the internet. It ranks higher in the search engine results due to the advertisements featured on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and VKontakte. To learn more about Cryptopay, please read my in-depth Cryptopay Review.

The Founders of Cryptopay

In October 2013, George Basiladze and Dmitry Gunyashov have founded and launched Cryptopay from their London office. Technically, both are experts in this field establishing the credibility of the program. Basiladze is a finance specialist. Previously, he has worked as a research analyst in Russian companies. On the other hand, Dmitry Gunyashov has seven years of experience in creating e-commence business programs. Hence, the dramatic success of Cryptopay.

Key Features and Rewards

First, if you want an uninterrupted converter to change your Bitcoins into another Cryptocoin, you can do it easily in Cryptopay. Users sometimes convert to other fiat currencies when they sense the upcoming fluctuations in price. Second, transactions are toll free and considerably fast. Cryptopay ensures security. The users can secure their Cryptocoins in the FLEX Accounts. Third, there are no hidden charges or extra fees. The program charges only 1% commission per conversion. Moreover, the conversions do not take hours to complete, it’s almost instant. Fourth, Cryptopay gives the scope to link the Debit Card to the wallet so that the users can transact money from ATM booths.

How to setup an Account

Simply, creating a Cryptopay wallet is very easy. All you have to do is open up as account using proper information, verify the account using your email address, deposit funds and get Bitcoins. BitGo’s MultiSig technology and two-factor authentication policy ensure the safety of the wallet.

Cryptopay Fees and Debit Card

Basically, Cryptopay’s official website lists the amount of fees and commissions the users have to pay. As per the table, a user has to give $2.5 in order to transact funds from local ATMs. If they want to transact from foreign ATM, they have to pay $3.50. Also, the users have to pay $1 every month as a loading fee and third party loading fee.

Also, if the Debit Card is not verified, the users can transact in a limited amount. In this case, they have to pay 1000 USD/EUR if they want to transact online and 200 USD/EUR if they wish to transact using ATM. The users are not allowed to use third party loading. So, it is better to verify and thus activate your Debit Card.

Customer Support

Generally, Cryptopay provides an excellent customer support through email. Their website offers useful articles as well as live chats for their clients. Cryptopay is one of the most reliable virtual wallets in market. Also, the users can transfer international cash maintaining the protocol of Bitcoin. You do not need to go to Banks if you have an Cryptopay Account. You can do all your Banking and payments using the internet.

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Here, this is a review on Cryptopay. Now, to find out more about this company, please visit their official website using this link here or the button displayed below.

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