Cryptopia Review | Top Cryptocurrency Exchange | Bitcoin Trade 2018

Cryptopia Review | Top Cryptocurrency Exchange | Bitcoin Trade 2018
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Right now, read this Cryptopia Review and quickly discover how to use this Top Cryptocurrency Exchange to Trade Bitcoin in 2018 and make profits.

Cryptopia Review

Cryptopia Review

Cryptopia Review

Located in New Zealand, Cryptopia is a Bitcoin exchange platform. Here, Cryptopia aims to provide an opportunity for traders and investors to buy, sell and trade on it’s platform using Cryptocurrencies instead of real cash. Thus, the platform allows traders to keep in touch with each other in order to trade directly. Basically, many Cryptocurrency platforms have been mushrooming online over the past few years. However, not many of them are capable of providing you a suitable platform for trading. Cryptopia promises the users a full time customer support, security and an efficient, fully functioning website. Historically, registered in July 2014, Cryptopia Limited is a legitimate company with thousands of users worldwide. If you are looking for a legit platform for online Cryptocoin trading, do read this Cryptopia Review to introduce yourself to one of the most popular Cryptocurrency exchange platform in the market.

Features offered by Cryptopia

Basically, Cryptocoin allows the users to use arbitrage system to predict beforehand the market position of a Cryptocurrency. Thus, they can ensure guaranteed profit even using relatively less popular currencies. This is a great way to make money online. Furthermore, Cryptopia connects the marketplace with it’s website to facilitate the users in terms of buying, selling or trading anything that can be exchanged with Cryptocurrencies. Even though the most popular Cryptocurrency exchange is the peer-to-peer exchange, anyone can use any Cryptocoins that are registered online.

The official website of Cryptopia is organised in such a way to have a separate feature that provides up to date information on Cryptocoins. Anything starting from algorithms, block height, wallet status to the ratings are efficiently organised on the page. Also, Paytopia is another unique feature offered in Cryptopia. This feature offers promotional equipment using what you will be able to view your listings.

Furthermore, Cryptopia regularly arranges lottery. You can join in the lottery and win prizes on a daily or a monthly basis. Do you know that Cryptopia has it’s own mine? Yes in it’s mineshaft, you can mine any Cryptocurrency you wish. There are such kinds of miners in Cryptopia who mine using just one CPU.

How to operate Cryptopia?

Generally, operating Cryptopia is super easy. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, all you have to do is open a Cryptopia account to get started. You will be given a registration form on the website. You will have to give your email address to verify the account. The users usually prefer $5000 as the highest limit for their daily transfer or withdrawal. This is not it however! There is another verification procedure to officially get started. In the second round of verification, you are required to give your ID, your full name, address and a photograph of yours. This is just to ensure your security in work. If you want to increase your deposit, transfer or withdrawal limit, you will have to give a written statement stating why you are asking for higher limits. If you can verify yourself, your limit will increase up to $500,000 within a very short time.

Gifts and Rewards!

Cryptopia also rewards their users every time when they enter and use the website and perform certain tasks. The tasks include finding blocks, voting, chatting, inserting mining shares, trading, and tipping. The Cryptopia team chooses to reward the users randomly based on their completion of tasks and frequency of using the website. There is a list of awards on the website.


Cryptopia is an excellent Cryptocurrency exchange platform that is suited for any kind of traders. So if you are looking for exchange, bargain and a secure platform, then use Cryptopia.

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