Davorcoin Scam Review | Rise and Fall of Lending Platform in 2018

Davorcoin Scam Review | Rise and Fall of Lending Platform in 2018
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Now, read this Davorcoin Scam Review and find out how the Rise and Fall of Lending Platform, such as Davorcoin occurred in 2018, a lesson for future.

Davorcoin Scam Review

Davorcoin Scam Review

Davorcoin Scam Review

Cryptocurrencies are trending in today’s world. The amazing returns from trading and holding on to these currencies are enough to lure in potential investors. There are plenty of these Cryptocoins in the market. Davorcoin is the new one to hit the market. In this Davorcoin Scam Review I will analyze the profitability and feasibility of this new ambitious Cryptocurrency project.

What was Davorcoin?

In case you don’t know what a Cryptocurrency is, they are virtual encrypted currencies which have no physical existence. These currencies have become famous due to the anonymity and security it offers. In General, Cryptocurrencies are distributed through a sophisticated process called mining. Mining is a process in which users complete some complex math problems in order to get some coins. Mining requires the use of expensive machines. One more reason for the popularity of Cryptocurrencies is it’s rapid rise in value.

Davorcoin is one of the newest Cryptocurrency in the market, hoping to compete with the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and other popular currencies. Davorcoin claimed that it’s blockchain includes almost millions of computers which provide the expected stability in mining. Almost all the Cryptocurrencies are cloudbased but the Davorcoin is unique in this segment. You can store Davorcoin anywhere which includes your smartphone, computer hard drive as well as the usual cloud based wallets. This feature gives Davorcoin an amazing mobility. Davorcoin can be used anywhere in the internet and it is transferrable. This means that Davorcoin can be traded like real currency in the market. You could make money from Davorcoin by trading, staking, affiliate marketing and it’s lending facility. Also, Davorcoin promised a great appreciation in value as well. They claimed that you could earn almost 48% of your value every month if you hold on to your precious coins.

How did it work?

Davorcoin works just like other blockchain based coins. It means you can mine it using high-end computers, trade them when their value rises and store them anywhere which includes your smartphone and your computer hard- drive. It has a huge network of blockchain and it claims to have a total of 40 million DAVs. Previously, you could also earn Davorcoin through it’s lending program which paid a monthly interest of up to 48%. They also offered affiliate program which gave you commission on every successful referral. Furthermore, Davorcoin claimed to have a great appreciation in it’s value. Your investment could gain value up to 10% on the first month of investment. Using their lending program you could start lending from as low as $100, which earned you an interest of 10% per annum. An average Davorcoin loan maturity period was about 1 month to 4 months.


This coin promised to be a great alternative to Bitcoin and Ethereum. They claim to have a decentralized network of blockchain consisting of more than a million computers. The DAV can be stored on any device including your computer hard drive as well as your cloud based wallet. The coin could be used to buy anything on the internet, really? They offers different ways of earning coins including mining and staking holding. The ROI was promising, but not sustainable.


The whole website seems like a cover for a potential scam. You would want to believe them, but if something is too good to be true, than it probably is. Their website does not provide any background or origin information. The business model is a copy of other lending platforms. It does not claim about the strength of it’s security which can be potentially lethal for your investment. Lastly, they do not provide any claim regarding the anonymity of the transactions. This means there is possibility of tracking down your spending on the internet.


In the end, I can say that Davorcoin indeed looked quite promising as it’s price in January 2018 was rising while all other Altcoin prices were falling. However, this did not last last long. In early February 2018, Davorcoin was hit by many variables, such as Bitconnect shutdown, market FUD and the implementation of early withdrawal in the Davorcoin lending platform. As a result, the price dropped dramatically and the company had no choice but to close it’s lending program. Even before the FUD, there were certain things missing on their website, which made you think twice about whether it’s a real thing or just another Ponzi Scheme. Now that they are no longer offering their objective, it is best to stay away from this website.

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Here,this article is a review on the Davorcoin lending platform scam. Although, this site is no longer offering the lending program, their website is still running. To visit the homepage of Davorcoin, you can use this link https://davor.io here or the button displayed below. Warning, do not trust this website.Visit Official Davorcoin Website

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