Genesis Mining Review | Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Service 2018

Genesis Mining Review | Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Service 2018
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Right now, quickly read this Genesis Mining Review and fast discover the Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Service to earn Passive Income in 2018 and beyond.

Genesis Mining Review

Genesis Mining Review

Genesis Mining Review

Generally, Cryptocurrencies are getting really popular these days. Thus, it is attracting attention of people from all phases of society. The rapid growth in the value of these currencies is strong enough to lure in the most skeptical of the investors. Apart from waiting for the value of the currency to grow there is another way to earn Cryptocurrencies. Well, you can do this by mining the Cryptocurrencies. To facilitate mining many companies have emerged. One of them is Genesis Mining. In this Genesis Mining Review, I will try to explore more about this mining company and how effective it is. So, without further ado, let’s start!

Cryptocurrency and Mining

What is Cryptocurrency? Well, Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which does not have any physical attributes. These are virtual currencies. Transactions made with these currencies are made secure using cryptography, hence the name Cryptocurrency. This security feature makes the transactions untraceable and this feature lures in most of users. The most popular Cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more.

Unlike conventional currencies these Cryptocurrencies are not distributed through the regular channel. Simply, Cryptocurrencies are distributed through a process called mining. Now, mining involves the process of solving mathematical problems through the use of computer hardware such as GPUs. Therefore, mining requires a computer with very powerful configuration and it will boost your electricity bill up to couple of notches. This makes mining a very expensive ordeal. But still it’s more profitable to mine than buy and hold. Trading carries high levels of uncertainty risk.

What is Genesis Mining?

Mining is a great way to earn Cryptocurrencies, but it is also very expensive. The cost of a mining setup is not affordable for most people. Plus, the electricity bill can get very high. In recent days, to help aspiring miners in exploiting this niche, many mining companies have started selling mining contracts. These mining farms let the user use their mining powers to earn Cryptocurrencies in return for contract fees. Here, Genesis mining is one of the biggest and most trusted of these mining companies. Genesis mining started their journey in 2013 and has mining farms all over the world. It let’s you buy Hashpower from them which is used to mine Cryptocurrency. As a result, now no need to buy expensive setups and worry about electricity bills.

Genesis Mining Location

Typically, Genesis mining will mine for you with their state of the art mining setup. For maximum efficiency the servers are located in Iceland for economical electricity charges and also for colder weather. Their service can be used by experts as well as newbies. Once registered, you don’t need to worry about anything. Regularly, all you do is pay their subscription fee and enjoy their service. They accept payments through Credit Cards and other popular Cryptocurrencies. There are no additional or hidden charges and they transfer your mined coins daily into your account.

Trustworthiness and Profitability

Genesis Mining is the largest cloud mining company in the world. It is also registered with SEC which makes it a legal and trustworthy entity. When it comes to profitability it is indeed one of the most profitable mining farms in the market. Plus, it supports mining of almost all the major Cryptocurrencies.


In regards to Genesis Mining, they have strategically located their farms in Iceland and other Cold nations to ensure more profitability. Their Servers are located at secure location for safety reasons. The plans can be tailored according to needs and affordability. Lastly, they have been paying out consistently, so you never have to worry about not getting paid.


The mining contracts you buy, only run for two years. Furthermore, their contracts are so popular that they get pre-sold. You have to be very quick if you want to join their program. Due to the lack of contracts, registering for their mailing list is highly recommended. This way you will get notification on future contract releases.


Their pricing can be found on their website. However, with $19 you can get 2 years, 100 GH/s Bitcoin mining starter contract. A more powerful 2000 GH/s, 2 year Bitcoin contract is available for $340. Furthermore, for the optimum results you can purchase the diamond contract which offers 10000 GH/s, Bitcoin mining contract. On the downside, their Bitcoin contracts get sold out very quick. So, if you get the opportunity to contracts with other currencies, you should buy them.


In the end, we can indeed classify Genesis Mining as a profitable and trustworthy mining platform. It is safe and it’s quite cost effective. It is worth a shot to try their starter pack with only $19 to try your luck in waters of Cryptocurrency mining.

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This review only covers tip of the iceberg on what Genesis Mining can offer. So, to find out more and register, please go to the official Genesis Mining website by clicking this link here or the button displayed below.

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