Hextracoin Scam Review | Lending Platform | Bitconnect Alternative

Hextracoin Scam Review | Lending Platform | Bitconnect Alternative
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Right now, read this Hextracoin Scam Review and discover how this Lending Platform, which is a Bitconnect Alternative is surely to fail, stay away.

Hextracoin Scam Review

Hextracoin Scam Review

Hextracoin Scam Review

You must have heard the whispers about Bitcoins around you. Be it Facebook or in real life, Bitcoins have become the talk of the town. Now, just like Bitcoin, Hextracoin is also another Cryptocurrency. However, this Crypto is a utility coin for Hextracoin lending program. The program promises high returns on investments and rewards for their clients who can introduce more people into the company. You must have come across Hextracoin’s advertisement program on social media promoted by affiliates. And if you are lucky, you may also have witnessed people selling Hextracoin on your social media platforms. Yet, you are one of those who are finding the whole idea of this new Cryptocoin shady. Or, you just want to learn more about this hyped buzzword. Moreover, if you want to learn to avoid scam programs, read my Hextracoin Review.  Being not an affiliate myself, I promise you a fair, comprehensive guide through the Hextracoin product, their compensation plan and their requirements from the clients.

What is Hextracoin?

Basically, Hextracoin is a company based on Lending. It is a sophisticated lending program that can profit through the fluctuation of Cryptocurrency in the exchange market. Hextracoin is a recent phenomenon on social media. And investors have already gone gaga over it. The company offers enormous profits on a daily basis. You can earn profit by trading, lending or just by stacking Hextracoins. The company requires you to invest at least $10,000 to receive a stable interest of 0.30% daily and a 48% Return on Investment (ROI) monthly. However, don’t forget that Hextracoin is another pyramid scheme. So, all you have to do is bring more investors into the company to earn more money.

Being a beginner, you may find the Hextracoin website confusing. Unfortunately, hextracoin.co does not provide any information for the beginners. You won’t even find the name of the founder in their website. I however have thoroughly researched about the company just to sort out your confusion. Hextracoin prefers to keep their internal information private. All I could find out is that the company  was founded on 9th of September, 2017.

Furthermore, this company has thousands of members, yet they cannot afford to set up a real customer support service. You would have to go through their Facebook fan page to get any support. Hextracoin is not a trusted platform even though it has thousands of users online. Moreover, there are about 29 million Hextracoins available in circulation.

How does Hextracoin Work?

Basically, if you want to work with Hextracoin, all you have to do is buy Hextracoin using Bitcoin. Then, lend your Hextracoin and earn huge profits everyday. You could hold on to your Hextracoin by stacking and earn interests. Although this is what they promise, we could not find any evidence. Furthermore, they say you could try Hextracoin mining to earn money. Again, no evidence could be found. Lastly, you can introduce more people to their pyramid scheme. I call it a ponzi scheme.

Hextracoin Products

Hextracoin does not hold any physical assets. Nor do they sell goods to their clients or in the market. No goods, no services, no retail sales whatsoever. All Hextracoin asks from their clients is to trade in their external exchange, lend Hextracoin, bring more investors or just hold on to their Hextracoin in order to earn profits. This kind of Passive Income model is a very poor business idea. Avoid this company anyway possible.

Hextracoin Compensation Plan

The way it works is, if you invest real money into the company, you will get ROI. Affiliates can invest different amounts of money to earn ROI from the company. For example:

  • First, if you pay $100 to $1000, you will receive 48% of ROI monthly that will be valid for 239 days
  • Second, if you pay $1010 and $5000, you will receive 48% of ROI monthly and 0.15% ROI daily that will be valid for 179 days.
  • Third, if you pay $5010 and $10,000, you will receive 48% of ROI monthly and 0.25% ROI daily that will be valid for 120 days.
  • Fourth, if you pay $10,010 and $100,000, you will receive 48% of ROI monthly and 0.3% ROI daily that will be valid for 99 days.

The more experienced the affiliates become, the more they can earn profits. Moreover, they can even earn the amount of money they have invested at first. The clients can also enjoy referral commissions.

How to become a Member of Hextracoin?

If you want to become a member of Hextracoin, you have to invest at least $100 at first. Remember, the more you invest, the more you earn in profits. In my opinion, it’s not worth joining this company as it looks as though it might do a scam soon.


In conclusion, this company is unauthorized and unregulated financial Crypto lending program. It does not have any physical goods or services to backup it’s Hextracoin. The Hextracoin has a value, at the time of writing this article, the coin’s value was $46 per 1 Hextracoin. I am sure that this will be short lived. You see, once this ponzi lending platform collapses, theirs coins value will fall to near zero. We have seen this time and time again.

Visit Official Hextracoin Website

Here, this is a Hextracoin Scam Review. To find out more about this Hextracoin ponzi scheme, you can use this link https://hextracoin.co here or the button displayed below.

Visit Official Hextracoin Website

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Here, this article is a review on Hextracoin. Now, to find out more about other real Passive Income programs, please visit the homepage using this link http://passive-income.info here.

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