Kraken Review | Trade Bitcoin and Ethereum | Cryptocurrency Exchange

Kraken Review | Trade Bitcoin and Ethereum | Cryptocurrency Exchange
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Right now, read this Kraken Review and discover how to buy Buy, Sell and Margin Trade Bitcoin and Ethereum on the Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Kraken Review

Kraken Review

Kraken Review

Cryptocurrencies are the trend in today’s world. There are many ways in which you can benefit from Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. You can hold these currencies and expect the currencies to rise in value so you can trade your Bitcoins to capitalise the change in the value of your investment. To trade your Bitcoin you need a Bitcoin exchange and there are so many of them out there. In this Kraken Review we will discuss about the Kraken Bitcoin exchange. We will give it a thorough analysis and will break down the good and the bad bits.

What is Kraken?

Basically, Kraken is one of the largest exchange of Bitcoin in the world based on liquidity and Euro volume. Originally, the company was founded in 2011 by Jesse Powell. Kraken is based in San Francisco, California. Currently, Kraken is operating in the United states, Canada, Japan and some parts of Europe. Even though it is operational in the US, Kraken’s services are not available in New York due to licensing difficulties. Kraken became hugely popular due to competitive costs and secure nature. Now, because of Kraken’s security features the users put their trust in them.

Kraken Platform

The Kraken Platform supports almost all the major Cryptocurrencies and fiat money. The Cryptocurrencies which are supported are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Gnosis, Melon, Augur, Monero, Zcash and many other Cryptocoins. Among the Fiat currencies it features USD, Euro, CAD, GBP and Yen. Kraken uses a sophisticated and yet user friendly interface in the system. The easy to use interface is designed to ease the difficulty for the beginners. The same interface can be used proficiently by the veteran traders for margin trading as well. This well designed interface won hearts of all kinds of traders. The diverse range of options are classified so well that you won’t feel uncomfortable for even a mere second.

Kraken faced some system errors due to the immense popularity of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. But they solved it promptly. Currently they are working on their system so that this kind of disturbances don’t occur in the future.

How does it Work?

Kraken offers account in different tiers. Each tier offers different options and the cost will rise according to the tiers. You will start with a tier 0 account in which you won’t be able to withdraw or deposit any amount into your account. By simply putting your personal details you can upgrade to tier 2. In this tier you can deposit $2000 daily and $10000 a month. To move to tier 3, your ID and address must be verified. This is the most used account is Kraken. In order to upgrade to the final tier called tier 4 you must call the customer support. This tier is reserved for corporate and high value account holders. Passing through tier 1&2 is quite easy but tier 3 and 4 may take a few days as they require manual verification.

Kraken Fees

The fees charged by Kraken is really competitive. It is the most economical Bitcoin exchange until now. The fees will depend on the tier and volume of your account. High volume trades are least costly than low volume trades because of low administration costs. The commission charge is maximum of 0.26%.

Customer Service

Kraken can be run on your PC and iOS. The app can be accessed from all over the world and currently it supports only English and Japanese language. Also, they have a customer support service which can be contacted from everywhere. But due to it’s immense popularity they may take a long time to process complaints and requests.

Is it Secure?

Kraken is one of the most secure Bitcoin exchange in the market. Basically, with them you can be completely assured about your investments and personal information is safe and secure. They have the usual 2 factor authentication  and global security lock which protects your account.


After our research we can safely conclude the Kraken is one of the best, the cheapest and the most secure Bitcoin exchange in the market. Their huge popularity and their track record should speak for themselves. If you are a beginner then Kraken is the safest choice.

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