Payza Review | Multi Payment Gateway | PayPal Alternative

Payza Review | Multi Payment Gateway | PayPal Alternative
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Now, read this Payza Review and discover how this Multi Payment Gateway can be used as a PayPal Alternative to send, receive and store money online.

Payza Review

Payza Review

Payza Review

Basically, the internet has become an important part in our day-to-day life. Therefore, we rely on the internet to do almost everything. Almost any kind of service can be availed with just a click. Also, the internet has made payment easier. There are many online payment solutions out there who facilitate payment of almost anything. We all have heard about PayPal at some point in our lives. But in this article we will talk about a different online payment solution called, Payza. In this Payza Review we will talk about all the features of this online payment solution and we will let you know what makes Payza stand out from the rest of the crowd.

What is Payza?

Well, Payza is a online payment solution which you can use to send, receive and store money in your digital Payza wallet. Previously, Payza was doing business as a Canadian company called “AlertPay”. However, in the year 2012 it was acquired by MH Pillars Ltd and re-branded itself as Payza. Currently, the headquarter of the company is located in London and the company has branch offices all around the world. Payza is growing at a steady speed in the online payment solution market. The company became significantly famous in the countries where services like PayPal is not available. PayPal is used worldwide to send and receive remittance by people who work on overseas project. In some countries like Bangladesh, PayPal services was not available till 2017 and the overseas outsource workforce faced a lot of hassle to receive their payment. Payza grabbed the opportunity and is currently dominating the Bangladeshi remittance service market. Now, Payza has just started their business in the United States and Alastair Graham is working as their CEO.

How does it work?

Firstly, Payza’s working dynamics are mostly similar to that of PayPal’s with few minor differences. In order to send and receive money a user needs to open a Payza account first. It offers both personal and business account. Business account can accept credit card payments from guest users through a payment button on the seller’s website. Sending money from one Payza account and another is free but you have to give a transaction fee in order to receive payment from a Payza account. All the transactions made through Payza are totally secure and goes through an e-mail authentication process. You will be able to load your account through Bitcoin transfer, wire transfer, ACH transfer and through many other ways. When it comes to withdrawing from your Payza account, you can use a prepaid VISA card or ACH transfer. Lastly, The prepaid VISA card can be used in any ATM, which supports VISA all over the world.

Important Features

Simply, you can send and receive money hassle free through your Payza account from all around the world. This provides great ease of use and flexibility to the users. Payza is growing rapidly specially in the developing countries where PayPal service is not available. It can be used in over 120 countries and enables the user to send and receive money in almost all the major currencies.Affordable and hassle free way of sending and receiving payments from anywhere in the world.

Other Benefits

Here, all the transactions and related information are well secured. It carries low transaction fees. The prepaid VISA card can be used all over the world. Multiple convenient ways of receiving money which includes wire transfer, ACH transfer, credit card payment and Bitcoin transfer. The platform is easy to use. Therefore, its user friendly. Lastly, full integration available with website shopping carts.


The two most important disadvantages I have found using Payza. Firstly, their withdrawals take over three days to hint your account. Whereas, using Paypal, the withdrawals gets completed in minutes. This is clearly something they need to fix. Lastly, their customer support reply is not instant. This means you might have to wait few days to get a reply and issues resolved. Clearly, this is another important issue they need to fix. Yes, they are a slow company, but overall, this is a very trustworthy company and they are working on improving their service and customer experience.


Finally, Payza in one word can be summarised as one of fastest growing online payment solution in the world. It is a great alternative to PayPal in the countries where it is not available or is used in a limited way. Payza’s recent success in Bangladesh proves how successful it has become in dominating their target market.

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