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Bitcoin Mining

Traditional Bitcoin Mining involved and still does the use of mining machines and graphics cards to confirm complete algorithmic transactions in the Blockchain. The miners get rewarded some fee for the use of their hardware or computer to confirm the transactions. However, this method involves purchasing and operating expensive and noisy hardware which consume a lot of electricity. In fact, miners are finding that the traditional method of mining by running algorithmic scripts on their hardware to confirm transaction is not highly profitable anymore as most of the mining contracts are going to larger companies. The larger mining companies have huge mining rigs and other hardware to confirm transactions. Therefore, companies who are offering mining pool service are seeing that most of the old, independent miners are moving into using the pool in order to share in their profits.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining

In recent years, the introduction of mining pools have given rise to the concept of Cloud Mining. Cloud Mining involves the use of large mining firms to sell mining contracts (normally with 2 years expire date) to the miners (general public). The miners are able to buy these mining contracts and secure regular passive income on a daily basis until the mining contracts expire. The Passive Income from Cloud Mining is not fixed as mining commission varies day to day. However, this is a create way to create a sustainable Passive Income. Now, what most miners do is that when they purchase a contract with certain amount of hash rate, they compound their income in order to buy more mining contracts. The compounding strategy helps miners to more quickly increase their hashing power and thus increasing their daily Passive Income. Here, below are a list of out top recommended Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Clound Mining Companies.

Top Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Companies

Here are our list of the top recommended Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Companies. We have done extensive research into these companies to conclude that they are stable and sustainable companies to invest in generation regular Passive Income.


Eobot offers free and paid Bitcoin mining opportunity. It allows users to get free Bitcoins and other Altcoin faucets daily or alternatively you can get free hashing power, which you can use to mine the coin of your choice. This is one of the easiest, cheapest, and best way to get started mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others. Furthermore, they have a very good referral program, which will allow you to earn extra income daily. Lastly, their mining contracts start from as little as $10. To find out more and register, please read the EOBOT Review.

Crypto Mining Farm

Here, you get 50 GH/s of free mining power when you join Cryptomining Farm. This company uses Blockchain Technology for Bitcoin Cloud Mining to make enormous profits. All you have to do is join, buy hashrates (GH/s) and start earning profits. Lastly, Cryptomining Farm has an excellent referral program allowing you to earn extra Passive Income for introducing others into this business. This referral commission is much like a marketing fee paid to you as a reward. Thus, you can earn unlimited commissions based on the number of members you can bring. To find out more and register, please read the Crypto Mining Farm Review.


Minergate is a multicurrency mining pool with easy-to-use GUI miner, which allows you to earn Passive Income in multiple ways. Now, using their downloadable software (Minergate) you can mine using your GPU or CPU. They have the option for you to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero and other Altcoins. Furthermore, they have a beautiful referral program, which allows you to earn the highest percentage of commission in comparison to all the companies. Finally, their minimum cloud mining contract starts at 20 MGH for $3 approximately. To find out more and register, please read the Minergate Review.

Genesis Mining

Now, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency will become the currency of the future and Genesis Mining is one of the the largest cloud mining company in the world. You can start Mining Bitcoin through the Genesis Mining cloud starting today, use code: VpN7Ln to get 3% discount on your contracts. Furthermore, this company pays affiliate referral commission for introducing new members. This commission is considered as a reward for your marketing efforts. To find out more and register, please read the Genesis Mining Review.


Hashflare is a cloud mining company, which let’s you mine Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Due to the expensive nature of Bitcoin Mining it is not possible for everyone to afford mining related costs. To remedy this, Hashflare has emerged. They rent out their Hashpower to their customers so that they can mine Cryptocurrencies without having to buy expensive mining machines. Also, this program has affiliate referral commission attached, thus allowing you to earn extra Passive Income. To find out more and register please read the Hashflare Review.

CCG Mining

Today, with the constant boom of the Cryptocurrency industry there haaff.php?aff=19710ve been a rise in many Cryptocurrency based services. Currently, there is huge growth and popularity in Cryptocurrency mining farms. These farms allow their users to mine Cryptocoins without the need to invest in expensive mining hardware devices. So here, CCG Mining is one such company in this mining industry. This is a reputable company with modest referral program attached, allowing you to earn extra Bitcoins. To find out more and register, please read CCG Mining Review.


Nicehash allows miners to buy and sell hashing power (computing power) in the form of Cloud Mining for the purpose of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency creation and Blockchain transaction confirmation. Also, they have an amazing downloadable Software, which you can connect to your GPU and start mining straightaway. Basically, this company is a wholesale marketplace for hash power. They have a referral program, where you can earn small commission if someone buys hashing power through your affiliate link. To find out more and register, please read the Nicehash Review.

More Coming Soon

Now, bookmark and save this site as we research and discover more and more mining opportunities, we will list them here. We will only list companies after extensive examination and review. Our test will involve making sure that these mining companies pass longevity and profitability.

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